Introducing XTRA ERP System

  1. Data Exchange through the Internet
  2. Real time data exchange
  3. Multiple Document Interface
  4. Multi-Lingual User Interface
  5. Build-in Electronic Document management System
  6. User defined item Analysis Code
  7. User friendly Order Tracking Tools
  8. Matrix Detail Form
  9. Powerful Pivot Table Reports
  10. Security
Main Functions
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory
  • Account




In pace with the rapid advancement of Technology, the application of Information Technology on Business activities is on growing importance. The Stability of Network Environment, the Integrity and Consistency of data are thus inevitably important. Our services include Business Software development, consultation, network security, network and system integration and maintenance, providing ONE STOP SOLUTION to our customers. With over ten years of experience and our versatile support team, we’re confident to be one of the best choices for Business efficiency improvement.


Features Highlight


Data Exchange through the Internet

Allow users over different geographical areas to work together. Data is internet ready, and not browser dependent


Real time data exchange

Ensure integrity and consistency of data


Multiple Document Interface

Allow users to handle different forms at the same time


Multi-Lingual User Interface

Unicode ready with English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese User Interfaces


Build-in Electronic Document management System

Allow any format of document/images to be saved for future review. Save search time and space as well as environmental friendly


User defined item Analysis Code

Up to 10 user-defined analysis code besides Brand, Category, Material…etc for sales analysis


User friendly Order Tracking Tools

• Order status enquiry in ONE screen
• Ability to generate related orders in same screen
• Related orders are cross-referenced, ensuring quantity integrity


Matrix Detail Form

• Items with multi-color and multi-size displayed in matrix form
• X and Y axes are interchangeable, adopting different requirements


Powerful Pivot Table Reports
Powerful build-in functions allowing users to:
• Drag and drop fields to data area/X axis/Y axis

Filter data:
• Selectively show/hide columns/rows
• Save self-defined report formats as templates for future use
• Express export to Excel format



• User rights split to view, add, edit, delete, print, approve, export
  and attachment
• Only one session allowed per user login
• Log user’s internal and external ip addresses, login time, software
• Optional additional MAC address authentication
• Optional additional one-time password via SMS

Main Functions

Sales – Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Delivery Note, O/S Sales Order Tracking Tool, Consignment Sales...
Purchase – Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, O/S Purchase Order Tracking Tool, Consignment Purchase...
Manufacturing – Bill of Materials, Manufacturing Order, O/S Manufacturing Order Tracking Tool, Production Planning, Production Control...
Inventory – Material Request, Material Issuance, Goods or Materials Loan in and out, JIT (In/Out)...
Account – Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Postdated Cheque Processing, Monthly Statement, General Ledger, Trial Balance, P&L Statement, Balance Sheet...