GPE Group Overview
GPE group was established on 8th December 1998 and is a local market leader in enterprise communications solutions and provides the world's most complete, open, and integrated business solutions. The company provides IP phone systems, unified communications, call centers, and related services directly to leading businesses and organizations in Hong Kong and PRC. GPE is able to offer a complete technology in which it is integrated to work together as a single perform. Enterprises of all sizes depend on variety solutions for truly communications that improve scalability, profitability, customer satisfaction and efficiencies.

GPE Mission Statement
Provide the best IT&T solutions to business for profitability maximization.

Our Values
1. True One-Stop-Shop Solution and Single of Contact
     • Enjoys one-stop-shop and single point of contact with GPE customized solution.

2. Strong Experience and Cost Effectiveness
    • GPE professional implementation team is the best team in the market.
    • Enhances cost-effectiveness to market trends and business timely concerns.

3. Excellent Reference
    • Strong customer base with varied business natures with leadership in Travel and Retails industries.