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Document Management System (DMS)


Document Management System


GPE Document Management System (DMS) is a sophisticated and easy-touse document server which suits both large enterprises and SMEs among different industries. It enables companies to centralize and handle all scanned images and office documents in an online repository, in which productivity and efficiency can be greatly enhanced.

Information searching cost and time can be significantly minimized as necessary document is retrieved easily with full text, profile or advanced search. Also, over 200 document formats, including Office, PDF, Auto CAD & TIFF can be viewed instantly online.

For companies, business documents are assets which equally important as other operating assets, thus continual document safeguard is essential. United States, Japan and China have already implement Act related to enterprise and personal information safety. To protect the confidential information within a company, GPE DMS provides permission control over individual files and folders based on different users’ authorization. In addition, IP/MAC address filter effectively prevents unauthorized access to system.

Why you need Document Management System?


You need fast, easy access to your information to share knowledge, drive business process, boost customer satisfaction, gain productivity and ensure regulatory compliance. But in most organizations, an estimated 80% of information is unstructured, with much of it contained in paper document. As a result, employees spend 15 to 30% of their time searching for information.To recapture much of that lost time and take command of your information, a document management system is a needed to bring together all electronic drawing files, text files, word processing files, spreadsheets, etc., into one cohesive system.

Benefits of GPE DMS


  • Allows digital documents to be easily organized, retrieved, indexed and archived
  • Fast retrieval of documents by full-text, profile and advanced search
  • Enhance document security with sophisticated access right setting over individual folders and files
  • Shorten user’s learning curve with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Windows Explorer integration
  • Document circulation, routing and approval
  • Comprehensive approval with the integration of workflow management system
  • Perform regular backups to the storage system to ensure data is restored if system failure occurs
  • Highly scalable architecture to support tens of thousands of users